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Retail properties

Retail properties and commercial buildings require market knowledge and expertise. For many years, retail properties, including commercial buildings, retail parks and shopping centres, were considered “the investment par excellence” due to the long-term rental contracts and the generally good to very good locations. Creditworthy tenants and excess demand for retail space represented a seemingly untouchably secure investment.

This belief is currently being shaken. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought  risks to the retail market. Unpaid rent, insolvencies of supposedly financially strong tenants and premature termination of rental contracts are now making retail properties into properties that need to be managed wisely.

The exceptions are grocery stores and discounters, as well as specialist markets for daily needs. We would be pleased to support you in the purchase and sale of retail real estate. We can help you recognise specific characteristics and risks. We prepare the sales documents professionally and show investors the special features and risks involved in the property for sale.

Furthermore, we also accompany you through the due diligence and the transaction process.

Safe – reliable – transparent.

Attractive for investors for whom change is not a disadvantage, but a challenge.

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