Collage properties with social value

Properties with social value

Nursing homes, assisted living, medical and health centres, educational institutions, day-care centres, early childhood education and health are important issues of our time.

Early childhood education outside the family has finally been recognised in Germany as an elementary component of the educational system. The number of day-care centres currently does not meet the demand. Many local authorities are not meeting their legal obligation to build day-care centres. Instead, they encourage private investment by confirming demand and providing subsidies. This confirmation of demand secures rental payments at least in part, and in individual cases up to almost 100%.

For several years now, health expenditure in Germany has been developing more dynamically than economic growth and meanwhile accounts for around one-eighth of the gross domestic product. The reasons for this, apart from improvements in the health system and medical progress, are rising life expectancy rates and an ageing society.

At present, around 3.4 million people in Germany are in need of care, and the German Economic Institute (IW) expects 4 million nursing care cases by 2035. Of these, 1.25 million people are expected to require inpatient, day-patient or short-term care. Nursing homes and assisted living are essential components of primary health care in old age and thus a basic investment for any portfolio. The increasing trend towards physical self-optimisation will also require new forms of healthcare facilities. Site requirements will change.

Due to these developments alone, considerably more healthcare properties will be required in the future than are currently available. This will also require new approaches to property concepts. If you are a developer, investor or seller, we would be happy to be your partner for the realisation of your plans.

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Real estate with social benefits are the new lead investments.

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